Urn Electric 100 Cup 20 litre

Urn Electric 100 Cup 20 litre

Urn Electric 100 Cup 20 litre

  • Instruction Manual

    Capacity: 20 litres
    Lighting Instructions:
    1. Be sure the urn is at least 200mm away from any combustible surface.
    2. The urn should be placed on a firm solid surface.
    3. Although the heat generate underneath this unit is very low, it is suggested that an intermediate block (e.g. Plywood)
    is placed underneath the unit to separate it from the bench or table, to avoid burning the surface.
    4. Turn gas burner controls to the OFF position.
    5. Turn on valve at the gas cylinder.
    6. Check there are no leaks. (See leak test in the Warning section). Make sure that the hose is not touching
    or wrapped around the body of the urn.
    Operating Instruction:
    1. Fill the urn with water. (Do not overfill).
    2. Connect the hose and regulator to the gas bottle.
    3. Ensure that the valve is at the “Off” position.
    4. Turn the gas valve on the gas bottle fully open.
    5. Turn the control valve to “ON’ position and press the pilot light button for 10 - 20 seconds while lighting the burner
    through the lighting hole, using a long match. If the burner does not ignite the first time, this may be as a result of air
    in the line.
    6. Repeat turning the control valve a few times until the burners ignite.
    7. It will take approximately 30 minutes to bring water to the boil. When water has boiled turn the control valve to
    simmer. On windy days check regularly to ensure that the flame is still alight.
    8. 4.5kg gas bottle should have approximately 8hrs burning time.
    Cleaning Instructions:
    1. Turn the gas bottle off and disconnect the hose.
    2. Allow to cool, empty water.
    3. Use a damp cloth to wipe down the whole unit. DO NOT use abrasive materials.cleaners or compound powder
    cleaners, steel wool or wax polishers should not be used anywhere on this appliance.
    With the gas line connected to the controller unit - turn gas on at bottle and check for leaks. Use
    soapy water - brushover joints on gas bottle and connection at gas taps and watch for bubbles.

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