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Top to tail.

Setting the scene for a good time has never been easier. Understanding that your event needs to look great from top to tail, we’ve got a range of flooring products to suit both small and large events. From dance floors, catwalks and full-floored marquees to specialised flooring that securely goes over your pool or to act as a subsurface for ice rinks, we’re able to transform any outdoor space into an exciting and enjoyable space.

Red Carpet. Fences. 


Roll out the red carpet for your guests at your next event. You can also hire silver stanchions (bollards) and red, white or black velvet rope to really create a great first impression at your party. And why not add white picket fencing to help segregate VIP areas for your guests.

Dance Floor

Our dance floors can be assembled anywhere and create a sensational focal point for the day or evening’s festivities. Our dance floors can be set up inside one of our beautiful marquees, on any lawn area, or even over your pool! 

Cooling & Heating.


We believe heating or cooling your marquee is an essential way to making your guests comfortable.


We have mobile cool rooms, generators, air conditioning and heating... there’s so much available to help you complete your space. Speak to our event specialists about your event cooling and heating needs.

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