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Asked Questions.

  • What size marquee will I need?
    The answer to this question depends primarily on the size of the location you've chosen. Secondly, the number of guests will influence the size of the marquee itself. Once you've established these factors, then we can help you put together the size and shape of the marquee, and a floor plan that includes fittings, such as tables, chairs, dance floor, stage space, catering bay and other points of consideration if required, such as ammenties, wheelchair access.
  • I have a site in mind. How will I know if it is suitable?
    We will happily inspect your site before we prepare our quote. By doing this, we can be sure, and you can be sure we can deliver the marquee you want to the site you've chosen.
  • Can a marquee be erected on a slope?
    Our flooring systems can be levelled on sites with a gentle slope and undulations, but on steeper sites, it's not always possible. We can assess the site on inspection and give you the best advice.
  • Should I have a floor in my marquee?
    The more formal, the more important a floor is. If you're planning a relaxed reception, you may not decide to put flooring in your marquee, or may opt to lay just the dance floor. However, if you are wanting something more formal, then a floor is much more important.
  • What about decorating the marquee?
    You are only limited by your imagination - and budget. A marquee allows you the freedom to style it your way. You can opt for a clear roof marquee and look up at the stars. Or you can opt for marquee ceiling lining to give a softer feel. We can also drape the walls. Sidewalls can be solid white for privacy, or clear to take in the view and warmth of the sun. We also have a vast range of decorating items, such as candalabras, urns, vases, table linens, tableware, cuttlery and much more... You may also wish to visit our showroom in Braemar and see our collection.
  • How much space will I need for my guests to be comfortable?
    For a seated function, you should allow for space of just over 1.3 square metres per person. This is the minimum and only allows space for the dining area. To this you will need to add space for dancing, buffet tables and bar, staging, entrance ways and catering area. For larger events it is not uncommon to require at least 2 square metres per guest. For a casual event where some or all of the guests will be standing, it is possible to reduce your space ratio down to half a square metre per person.
  • What is the best size and shape table?
    Traditionally round tables are used for wedding receptions, seating 8 to 10 guests. While this is a classic option, there is also the alternative banquet table seating. These are rectangle tables that can seat up to 12 guests. Guests tend to find these tables more accessible as they are only 1.2m across, so everyone at the table is within easy talking distance, while still leaving plenty of room to put table decorations and platters in the centre.
  • How many people can I seat at a table?
    Tables are available in round or rectangle. The number of guests seated depends on your place settings and the size of the crockery you choose. The most efficient table for seating guests is a 2.4m rectangle table with 10 settings. The maximum recommended for each table size: 1.8m round table seats 10 people 1.5m round table seats 8 people 1.2m round table seats 6 people .85m round table seats 4 people 2.4m banquet table seats 12 people 2.4m recntangle table seats 10 people
  • How many glasses will I need for a party?
    Having enough glasses is vital. If you are setting your table with glasses, it is easy to work out the right number but always allow a few extra spares. For cocktail functions or pre-dinner drinks, it is a bit more complex. On average, allow 2 drinks per person for the first hour and around 1 drink for every hour after that. This means that for a 3-hour cocktail party for 100 guests, you will serve around 400 drinks. How many glasses you require will depend on how many you are prepared to wash during the function, what drinks you are serving, and will you be using glasses to serve bottled beer.
  • What about a bridal table?
    Formal bridal tables are still a popular option, however, over the past couple of years we have noticed alternative bridal table settings in the centre of the room. If you choose not to have a bridal table, think about differentiating your table with extra lighting, a different shaped table, or even a different chair type.
  • How much will a marquee wedding cost?
    The final cost will vary greatly depending on a huge range of variable factors. We pride ourselves on the fact that every single reception we have done is individually tailored. We'll ask you plenty of questions to discover what you're looking for, and then give you a detailed quote.
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