Pie Warmer

Pie Warmer

  • Pie capacity: 80
  • Power (watts): 1250
  • Electrical connection: 10 amp
  • Dimensions 585 W x 350 D x 485 H mm
  • Instruction Manual

    Voltage: 220 - 240 Volts
    Power Consumption: 40 pie capacity 1050 - 1250 Watts
    80 pie capacity 1050 - 1250 Watts
    Dimensions: 40 pie capacity - 505 x 360 x 320mm
    80 pie capacity - 585 x 485 x 350mm
    Operating Instructions:
    Please note that the warmer should not be operated without the crumb tray in position.
    1. It is important that the crumb tray is pushed right back in the unit to ensure that the heating element is not exposed
    directly to the surface on which the warmer is placed. It is suggested that an intermediate block (e.g. Plywood) is
    placed underneath the appliance to separate it from your bench or table.
    2. One appliance per power outlet.
    3. Uncoil the cord and connect to a suitable power outlet. Make sure the cord does not come in contact
    with hot surfaces.
    4. The pie warmer is thermostatically controlled. Rotate the thermostat knob to select the desire operating
    temperature, Usually about 85-90 Deg C for pie and sausage rolls. The thermostat will then cycle on and
    off to maintain the set temperature. The pilot light will also cycle on and off, indicating when the warmer
    is being heated and when set temperature has reached. It is recommended that the pie warmer be pre heated
    before placing food inside. As a guide, pre heat the pie warmer on the maximum temperature setting for 10 minutes.
    After this period return the thermostat to the desired operating temperature.
    5. It is highly recommended that all frozen foods be thawed before being put in the pie warmer.
    6. Otherwise will add at least one and half hour to the preparation time.
    7. Due to heat emission from the element and the thermal properties of air, the hottest shelves in the pie warmer
    will be the top and bottom shelves.
    8. When new product is placed in the unit throughout the day it is recommended that these top and
    bottom shelves be utilised to prepare the food more quickly.
    10. If foil is used to line the draws or shelves, the foil must be sufficiently perforated to allow unrestricted
    circulation of the heated air.
    Cleaning Instructions:
    1. Turn power off, unplug and allow to cool.
    2. Remove trays and wash in warm soapy water, drying thoroughly.
    The interior and exterior of the unit can be wiped with damp cloth and dried.
    4. Insert trays.
    5. Recoil the cord.

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