Coffee Percolator 120 Cup

Coffee Percolator 120 Cup

Coffee Percolator Electric.
Dimensions: 120 Cup 24 litre

  • Instruction Manual

    Operating Instructions:
    Place Coffee Percolator on a sturdy surface, check to see the tap is closed. Fill vessel with cold, fresh tap water, see
    markings on side of gauge tube for number of desired cups. Be sure to only use cold water as the brewing process is
    timed to begin from cold-water.
    Wet coffee basket to keep small particle of coffee from shifting through the basket. Place desired amount of ground coffee
    in basket and place on the pump stem. The following chart suggests the amounts of ground coffee use for a regular brew
    in the 100 cup Coffee Percolator. The amount of coffee may be varied to suit personal taste: for milder brew, use less, for
    stronger brew, use more.
    Place the lid on the Coffee Percolator and plug the cord into the nearest power point, switch unit on allow Coffee Percolator
    to brew the contents of the vessel. When the process is complete, the ready light will come on and stay on, immediately
    remove lid and take out the basket and stem to stop bitter oils from dripping from the ground coffee, refit lid and contents
    will remain hot until unit is empty.
    DO NOT BOIL DRY, when level of brewed coffee can no longer be seen in glass gauge tube switch unit off and rinse out in
    readiness for the next brewing process.
    Cleaning Instructions:
    1. Turn off, unplug the power cord.
    2. Allow cooling, before removing the lid, basket and plunger.
    3. The lid, basket and plunger can be washed using warm soapy water and dried thoroughly.
    4. Empty water and wipe interior and exterior unit over with a damp cloth.
    5. Reassemble the unit and recoil the cord.
    Caution should
    be exercised with
    any appliance
    employing heat.
    Capacity Power requirement Boil time from cold water
    10litre/40cup 2400watt 240volts AC 25 minutes
    20litre/80cup 2400watt 240volts AC 50 minutes
    25litre/100cup 2400watt 240volts AC 1 hour and 25 minutes

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