Expo Solutions can provide modern exhibition booths, display cases and counters, lights and audio-visual equipment, plus flooring and furniture that is suitable for exhibitions and major public expos - regardless of their size. We can also work with your clients to design, project-manage and install custom booths.

We pride ourselves on being a competitive company in the market place, whether you are an exhibitor requiring a chair for your trade show, an event organiser looking for that point of difference in your exhibition provider, or a venue seeking a recognised carbon neutral supplier for countless events throughout the year, Expo Solutions has your needs met.

Exhibition Booths

A panel system that is so easy to erect and so versatile. The Foga Exhibition Booth is one of the best-looking booths around. These booths are made of an anodised aluminium framework with carpet-like Velcro receptive wall panels that have both a great look and functional surface.


Custom Displays

At Expo Solutions, our designers and operations team can create and deliver flexible solutions that is tailored to suit your business, product or service.

From designing, manufacturing, building, transporting and storing your display to adding new graphics, extensions or re-designs, ask us how we can assist you in every aspect of the design, build and display process of your exhibition stand.


Graphic Design

Expo Solutions offers a range of graphics to our Foga Panel System. Our rear wall graphic consists of three graphic infill panels along the back wall, i.e. for a 3m x 2m, whilst our full graphic upgrade has graphic infill panels on the rear and side walls, these provide greater stand out and add a point of difference from the booths around you.


Expo Furniture

Style it your way!

We have compiled a collection of key furniture pieces and accessories, perfect for exhibitions and conferences. Each piece celebrates clean lines, rich bright colours as well as neutral tones, natural wood and tactile patterns and textures.


Explore the collection and furniture packages, designed to help you make a welcoming first impression on your guests.